Hymn Name: Gods Redeemed Beloved and Holy

To the glory of God on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Cheshire Lutheran Church, Cheshire, CT.

+ Worship (Leitourgia) + Fellowship (Koinonia) + Witness (Marturia) + Service (Diakonia) +

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Hymn Lyrics

  1. God’s redeemed—beloved, and holy,
    Cleansed by water with the Word—
    We are nourished through the Scriptures,
    By its sacred truth matured.
    We have tasted God’s rich mercy,
    Feasted at His meal divine:
    Kingly banquet of Christ’s body
    And His blood with bread and wine.
  2. Gathered by the Holy Spirit
    To this family of love,
    We are saints in full communion
    With the blessed saints above:
    Chosen people, royal priesthood,
    Holy nation, now God’s own,
    Built on prophets and apostles,
    Jesus Christ, our Cornerstone.
  3. Gospel heralds of salvation,
    Called from darkness into light,
    We are sent to tell of Jesus,
    How God brought us out of night.
    We are salt, the Spirit-seasoned,
    Meant to halt the world’s decay;
    We are light, a shining city
    Guiding all to Christ, the Way.
  4. We are charged to feed the hungry,
    Clothe the poor in ev’ry place,
    Tend the lonely, sick, imprisoned—
    There we see the Savior’s face;
    Ever in our ears the echo
    Of His words of mystery:
    “As you do for these My brothers,
    You have also done for Me.”
  5. You, O Jesus, came as Servant,
    Even counting Godhead loss:
    Died for all—Love’s faithful witness
    Freely martyred on the cross!
    With Your Spirit’s grace and power,
    Come, O Lord, our hearts enflame,
    Till we join the endless worship
    Of Your holy saving Name.

Stephen P. Starke, 2005
Tune: RUSTINGTON – 8 7 8 7 D

Highlights from the Author:

The tune RUSTINGTON was wonderful to work with and to speak of your life together at CLC as God’s redeemed family. Those three words–God’s redeemed family–I have incorporated into the initial portions of stanzas one and two.

Stanza one touches on the means of grace and speaks of worship. Stanza two speaks of fellowship not so much as the “coffee and doughnuts” type of thing, but rather the communion of saints. Stanza three speaks of outreach and the task of evangelism by word and deed. Stanza four focuses on the service of believers who bring Christ to a hurting world.

Stanza five is necessary, in my mind, to tie everything together and bring the hymn to a prayerful conclusion. Whereas the first four stanzas speak of your life together at Cheshire Lutheran, the fifth stanza works backwards through the four aforementioned areas of congregational life with the focus no longer on what Christ’s holy people do but what Christ has done as servant and witness, how we have fellowship with Him in the power of His Spirit in this life until we worship Him face to face in all eternity. I really like how this last stanza gives a recapitulation of these ministry areas while pointing the congregation forward to its ongoing task of walking together in love until each of your parishioners leaves the Church Militant and joins the Church Triumphant.

Stephen P. Starke, 2005